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African Music Education for All

Short and Long term residencies

Ten week courses in African drumming and dance

Djembeschool offers a dynamic and engaging ten week course (ten sessions of one hour per week) in African drumming, dance and song culminating in a show for parents and friends.‚Äč

The children learn djembe technique; how to hold the drum and play the three sounds - bass, tone and slap (depending on age and ability).

They also learn some traditional dance steps to go with the rhythms and have the opportunity to improvise their own free style dance moves and rhythms.

They learn the names of the bass drums, the Dundunba, the Sangban and the Kenkeni and will have a chance to play the bass drum parts. They will learn a call and response song and the whole course will come together in the end of term show which will involve and dazzle the audience.

Wider Opportunities

Djembeschool has been delivering Wider Opportunities djembe, dance and song programmes through Ealing primary schools for the past three years.

The djembe lends itself perfectly to a group musical learning situation and is accessible to all.


North East Lincolnshire Arts and Music have booked Djembeschool artists for the past four years to work in Grimsby primary schools for 4 weeks each year delivering workshops for Key stage 1 and 2 children. 

We work as a team of 3 with two or four groups during the day depending on the Key stage and culminate in a whole school assembly where the children perform their drumming and dance piece and their song. 

Workshop information

For further information on the workshops that we provide please click on the links below: