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African Music Education for All

Full day and Half day workshops

Primary workshops​

We can provide full day or half day workshops led by two or three facilitators which can be run according to your school timetable. 

We generally run sessions of 30 minutes with nursery and reception and sessions of 45 mins to 1 hr with years 1 to 6.

All our provision incorporates music, dance and song.

Class 4K, Edward Betham CE Primary School in Ealing

Workshops can culminate in a whole school assembly/performance and or informal question and answer sessions. All drums can be provided.

Secondary workshops/GCSE and A level

Secondary workshops generally run for longer and can address more complex techniques, cyclical patterns and improvisation.  

We will cover all the African drumming knowledge required for the African drumming section of the Edexcel GCSE syllabus.

Workshop information

For further information on the workshops that we provide please click on the links below: